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Chris Sandford's patterns.

The Bullet 


        A real killer for rivers and stillwaters                


 Sizes 12,14
Colours: Black , Brown

£1.50 each; £15 per dozen 


This fly is tied to Chris's exact specification using the materials he specified. There are cheaper versions on the market but they are not approved by Chris himself



 The Wing Bud emerger

 Inspired by the work of Hans van Klinken, a deadly river or stillwater pattern for Trout and Grayling 
  Sizes 12,14

£2.00 each; £20 per dozen 

These flies are not cheap, Why? Because the Razor foam, CDC and Peccary used in the construction are not cheap either. Peccary is always difficult to find. This is a fairly complicated tie using only the best materials.


 The Flash Bugger


A winter favourite, this fly has all the trigger points needed to stimulate slow trout in cold water


 Sizes 10, 12

Colours: Green; Brown; Black,
Leaded or Unleaded

Unleaded £1.60 each; £16 per dozen
Leaded £1.65 each; £16.50 per dozen

The Ducking Feadly

Winner of the 2010 River Test

"One fly" competition for the team of

Bob James, Chris Tarrant and Chris Sandford

This improved version of the GMC is indestructible.

Sizes 10, 12


 £1.50 each; £15.50 per dozen


 Original patterns tied by Chris Sandford are occasionally available, please ask.






























Original patterns tied by Chris Sandford are also available, please ask.