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Design your own fly patterns
Work with me to design your own pattern. No matter how weird or wonderful I promise not to laugh!
The process is simple. You come up with the idea, send me a drawing or a detailed description. I will source the hooks and materials and then I will interpret your design and tie the fly to your specifications.  You will then be sent the fly for approval.
We may have to repeat the process once or twice to get exactly what you want but once you are finally happy with the design I will tie your order. You only pay on receipt of your ordered flies and only if you are completely happy.
Simply call me to discuss or send me a drawing of your design.
The minimum order initially is for 2 dozen flies of 1 pattern (can be mixed sizes ). Thereafter there will be no minimum.
If you want to make simple changes to a standard fly (i.e. putting a red rib instead of gold on a Greenwell's glory) there is no minimum order. 
Prices start from £11 per dozen. 
One of my latest custom ties, "The Cattle Prod" tied from a dressing imagined by a client.
Hook :- Kamasan B800 size 10,
Tail :- 2 cock hackle tips,
Body:- Hares Ear dubbing,
Wing:- Wood duck over hen hackle points over electric blue squirrel tail,
Shoulder hackle :- Whiting coq de leon hen dyed firey brown (long fibred)
Head:- Deer Hair
Of course the flies do not have to be traditional at all, the fly below was a project to display a selection the various coloured silks collected by the customers father during his years as a fly tier. I created 3 different flies each using a different selection of silks and nothing else. These were framed by Chris Ward, the well known rod builder along with some of his miniature fly rods
On the 22nd January 2014 I received the following testimonial from Chris Ward:-

"I have been curious since Christmas on how our joint effort was received with the Langley Thread flies.  This morning I rec’d a note from Maureen who instigated the project. I have copied the relevant words below. "


I wanted to tell you that Julie and Frances were absolutely thrilled with the frames. A few tears were shed but I'm not surprised about that. Thanks to you, we now all have a lovely memento of our Johns work to treasure.

Many thanks for your help and support in this unusual project.