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The Flash Bugger

By Chris Sandford
Choosing a fly for the winter months is never a problem. The fish are down in deep water, so I tie on the sure-fire fly that has proved itself time and again. It is my magnificent ‘Flash-Bugger’!

Now, before all you purest ‘dry fly only’ enthusiasts have cardiac arrest, yes…it’s a lure or, to put it in the American vernacular, a ‘streamer’. If you are still quivering with indignation, you may take some comfort from the fact that this is a version of the ‘Wooly Bugger’, which in turn, was developed in the USA from the ‘Wooly Worm’ that dates back beyond Walton. My ‘Flash-Bugger’ was inspired by Glass Damsel Twin Eye Beads, a product marketed by Veniard and available at a good fly shop near you!
The ‘Flash-Bugger’.
Stuff for the job.
Hook. Kamasan 830 No.10. Thread. Black.
Eyes.Veniard Glass Damsel Twin Eye.
Flash Material. Lureflash Holographic Flat Tinsel.
Body. Black Chenille. Tail. Black Marabou
Rib. Fine Gold Wire.
Hackle. Black Cock. (Length equal to hook depth)
Step One
Slip the bead onto the hook, fix the hook in the vice and leave the bead resting against the vice head. Run the thread onto the hook and tie in a length of tinsel pointing forward over the eye. Move the bead up to behind the eye and fix in place with tight figure of eight wraps and a drop of super glue. Wind the lead from behind the eye to half way down the hook shank and secure with over wraps of tying thread.
Step Two
Tie in Marabou tail about the same length as the hook then add two or three strands of any fine holographic material. Now tie in at the rear of the hook, in the following order: 1) The hackle. 2) The fine gold wire. 3) The chenille.
Step Three
Wind the thread forward to behind the bead eyes. Wind the chenille forward in tight turns and secure behind the eyes. Pull the tinsel back between the eyes and over the body and secure with two tight wraps of gold wire. Then wind the wire forward in equally spaced turns and secure behind the eyes.
Step Four
Finally, wind the hackle forward between the wire wraps, allowing the wire to show, and tie off behind the eyes with a whip finish. For security, add a drop of super glue to the two wraps of fine gold wire on the underside the hook.
You have now tied the ‘Flash-Bugger’ and are about to catch far too many fish! Enjoy!  

This fly originally appeared in Waterlog magazine and on Sky Sport's "Tight Lines" TV show.