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Bespoke flies, fly-tying and angling instruction
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Patterns, hints and tips

On the linked pages you will find a few of my favourite flies together with their dressings, step by step instructions and tying hints and tips.


Reversed Emerging Mayfly,
The result of tinkering with patterns, featured in Chris Sanford's book
"Flytyers' Flies - Flies that Catch Fish".

Klinkhamer ,
The classic by Hans Van Klinken, tied to his style.

Crazy Charley,
The well-known and often badly-tied bonefish fly.

Indestructible Clouser minnow,
My take on Bob Clouser's famous all-species fly.

Mini puff,
Another bonefish special.

White Prince,
Doug Prince's American nymph with a slightly different recipe and colours.

Icelandic gold head,
A new fly for me in 2009, used in Iceland for rivers but now a proven fish catcher in UK and US rivers.

Tying with peacock herl
A few ideas that will help you improve your tying and maximise your use of this versatile widely available and cheap material.
New season's hints and tips
Please support your local tackle shop: your online friends cannot help you with hands on problems.
Whenever you receive a parcel, check out the packaging. I have recently received two lots of super thin foam around a book and a DVD. It can be used for bodies and wings on a number of realistic and suggestive patterns. Most foam can be coloured with a Pantone pen or similar alcohol based marker pen.
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