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The Bullet
Why Do They Bite the Bullet?
By Chris Sandford
It is a good question but no one seems to have the answer. It all started on the night of August the 4th 2009 when I dreamt the fly!
Sad as this may seem it turned out to be quite an auspicious moment. The evening before I’d been tying a few ‘Comparaduns’ …well actually they’re ‘Compara-Ducks’ because I tie the bodies with CDC instead of ordinary dubbing. 

They are always part of my dry fly stock and have caught me some good fish especially in fast water.
Anyway…in this dream I considered keeping the CDC body but instead of making a Comparadun fan shaped wing I would tie the Deer hair down up to the eye of the hook so the tips are projecting forward over the eye approximately the same length as the hook. Then tie in a thorax of black Ice Dub, pull the hair over and tie it down behind the thorax to form a bullet shaped head. I woke at about 2.30am thinking ‘That’s a good idea…bet I don’t remember it in the morning.’ But I did and at about 6am tied my first ‘Bullet’.
Trying to calculate how many fish have bitten the ‘Bullet’ has not been easy but with help from a few chums who fished it at that time we calculate that between 4th August and the 23rd September 2009 it hooked and landed in excess of 100 Trout and Grayling.
Tie it…Try it…..and catch a big one!

The Bullet…Tying Steps.
You will need:
Hook. Fulling Mill. All Purpose Light. Sizes 12-16.
Head/Wing. Bleached Elk.
Body. CDC Black.
Thorax. Black Ice Dub.
Step One
Apply about 3mm of black thread to the hook. Cut, clean and stack a good pinch of bleached Elk hair. Now ‘pinch and loop’ the hair on top of the hook with the tips facing forward. The tips should protrude beyond the eye slightly more than the length of the hook. Before tying the waste ends down, trim them at an angle to achieve a nice tapered body.
Step Two
Tie in a black CDC feather by the tip at the back end of the hook. You can make a neat job of this by putting two loose wraps over the stalk end of the feather, pull it through away from the hook and tighten the thread at the last moment trapping the tip. Move the thread back up the hook to about 3mm behind the eye.
Step Three
Wind the CDC feather forward to form a smooth body. As you approach the thread , hold the loose CDC fibres back as you wind forward and tie off
where the thread is hanging.
Step Four
Wind the thread forward to just behind the eye and dub the thread with a pinch of black Ice Dub. Wind the Ice Dub back until it meets the CDC securing it with a couple of tight wraps. Leaving the silk hanging in this position pull the Elk hair back over the body and tie it down behind the Ice Dub forming a neat head and thorax. Whip finish with the thread in this position and add a generous amount of varnish for security. 
Fishing ‘The Bullet’.
Only apply floatant to the Elk Hair. The CDC will dry with a quick squeeze and a couple of false casts. The fly performs best with a fairly slack line. I bet the first take makes you jump! Enjoy!
This is an extract of an article that originally appeared in Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine, as seen on Sky Sport's Tight Lines programme.